Tess Judge is a successful businesswoman and recognized community leader with a heart for public service. Tess is running because she knows the people of Northeastern North Carolina deserve a tireless representative—one who listens to constituents, and advocates on their behalf. 


Having spent years running successful businesses—through good times and bad—Tess has the skills and experience needed to manage budgets, create jobs and improve communities. She is well aware of how vital fishing, farming, and tourism are to District 1, and will be steadfast in protecting the land and water resources that make those businesses viable.


Tess and her late husband, Warren, moved to Northeastern North Carolina from Jamestown, NC, in 1989. In 2011, they were named Co-Citizens of the Year by the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce. Tess serves on several local, state, and regional boards, and is heavily involved in her church community. Her most pleasurable service, however, is that of mom of four and grandmother of ten.